Higher education institutions (HEIs) wanting to interact with the Online Learning Agreements (OLA) of their students are invited to create an Erasmus Dashboard account at
The Dashboard is the simplest and most convenient way to manage the Online Learning Agreements of Erasmus+ exchange students; it connects directly with the OLA as well as the Erasmus+ App to provide you with the following services for free:
  • Overview of incoming and outgoing students using the OLA;
  • Add detailed information and deadlines to the Erasmus+ App;
  • Upload nominated exchange students and pre-fill their OLAs;
  • One-click download of the learning agreements;
  • Easy to use student notifications;
  • Create accounts for colleagues at your HEI;
  • Access tutorials, FAQs and reference documentation.
The Erasmus Dashboard has been created in the framework of the Online Learning Agreement follow-up project that started in October 2017 (also known as OLA+) so more functionality will be added in the coming two years. This project is a partner of the Erasmus Without Paper initiative, which is also coordinated by the European University Foundation.